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17. Distribution and Targeting of a p.-Opioid Receptor (MORI) in Brain ...

of Anatomy and Neurobiology,. Uni- versity of Kentucky, for helpful advice on in .sffu hybridization .... centrifugation and the supernatant was applied onto a wheat germ lectin ...... experiments showed that the regional pattern of MOR 1 - ir cor- ... are directed against the last S-8 amino acids at the carboxy- ...

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18. bhn227 2092..2105

Jan 15, 2009 ... Department of Anatomy, Keio University School of Medicine,. 35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8582, Japan ... poration and further applied thymidine analogues to distinguish .... postmitotic cells that had undergone the last S phase at E15 ...... Regional- and temporal-dependent changes in the ...

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19. A Model-Based Approach to the Segmentation of Nasal Cavity and ...

{c.last,s.winkelbach,f.wahl} ... three-dimensional region information is useful in many clinical appli- ... because high anatomical knowledge is required to identify the boundaries of the paranasal sinuses. .... Intermediate steps of our approach applied to the CT data in Fig. 1(a). E(x) = |∇I(x)|2 · ...

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20. Cardiovascular phenotype characterization in mice by high ...

sive assessment of cardiac anatomy and function is even feasible in newborn ...

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21. 311 Specification and CNS Development

2Dept. of Anatomy, United Medica and Dental Schools. ... provide evidence for a role of Hox genes in the regional speetioeation along the A-P-axis ..... In the last S years, there have been two new developments that might positively ... applied manner. It is designed to cater for students with different ...

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