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1.Hydraulic model studies of the main radial gates of navigation of ...

The calculations and investigations showed the following. ... of the overflowing water layer they are either transmitted through the ... Reduced hydraulic rotation moments for modifications of the radial gate with the ratio R/H = 1: a) ...

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2.Hydraulic calculation of free-flow eddy spillways

Let us examine the characteristics of a hydraulic calculation of such ...

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3.Outlet works of the Alindzhachai hydro development

front of earthworks thanks to diversion of the stream through ...

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4.C H A P T E R 8

Hydraulic Computations Through Gated Spillways. ■ Uncontrolled Overflow Weirs ... Gated Spillways within HEC-RAS can be modeled as radial gates (often ..... elevation as the default for lateral weir calculations. This is an important ...

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5.documents - Cover Page and Table of Contents

dimensional steady and unsteady flow river hydraulics calculations. HEC-RAS ...

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6.1 Applying the Energy-Momentum Method to Radial Gate Discharge ...

Radial gates are one type of hydraulic sluice gate. Flow under a sluice gate and the ... increasing the net energy available to drive flow through the gate. ..... calculations shown here have utilized existing relations for δ and 1+ξ. ...

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7.Diapositiva 1

simulation through scale modeling and CFD. – Hydraulic design of suction and discharge lines. Economical diameter calculation. Hydraulic calculation for cavitation and ..... sluice and radial gates, speed governors, hydraulic units. ...

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8.Hydraulics and Electronics in Civil Engineering

calculation and simulation techniques for the analysis of vibration or structural deform- ... through to the planning and commissioning of complete systems. ... tions and making different demands on the hydraulic drive. Radial gates ...

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