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9.''A Nightmare Land, A Place of Death'': An Exploration of the Moon ...

Jul 9, 2010 ... very fine play on shadows—a rare occurrence in the Tintin comic books. It is clear that Hergé had come, by then, to conceive of the Moon as ...

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10.From Mickey Mouse to Maus: The Comic Book Is Dead; Long Live the ...

comic book by its cover – especially when it is a graphic novel. To prove that these series are still taken seriously, one need only think of Tintin in the ...

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11.Inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphics, the first comic books were ...

the US, and Herge's Tintin appeared in Europe. Comic books also started becoming more detailed, with creators using intricate graphics, a wide spectrum of ...

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12.320 Children's Literature Association Quarterly Hergé: The Man Who ...

The twenty-three book-length comic adventures that Hergé wrote and drew (with a cadre of uncredited as- sistants) about the boy reporter Tintin ...

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13.Wordplay in Donald Duck comics and their Finnish translations

want to domesticate the Tintin comic series into the Finnish culture too much, but rather to retain "local color" whenever possible. ...

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14.Federico Zanettin (ed): Comics in Translation

of the Translation of the Astérix and Tintin Comics Series, with Special Refer- ence to English by Delesse examines the translation of two French comics ...

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15.Today's Comic Culture in India

like Superman, Spiderman or Tintin, the Indian children have found their own heroes in the form of comic figures like Shak- timan (person having powers like ...

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16.IBDS 09 Possible Timetable

'Time as a Narrative Tool in Autobiographical Comic Art'. Matthew Screech ( Manchester Metropolitan). 'Tintin au Pays du Canard: Hergé's Hero Re-Created in ...

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