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1.TOEIC® Listening and Reading Test Scale Anchoring Study

TOEIC Compendium 5.6 redesigned TOEIC test operational forms. The analysis examined whether the current number of levels could be expanded from three and ...

PDF Book Title: TC-10-05 | Link to file:


2.An Introduction to TOEIC: The Initial Validity Study

The examinee group who sat for the TOEIC in December 1979 contained an ...

PDF Book Title: TOEIC-RS-00 | Link to file:


3.TOEIC Reading Comprehension: Analysis of the Texts and Questions ...

As a teacher of TOEIC reading, I attempt such an analysis in this paper. ..... STEP 2 Before beginning analysis of a passage and questions of the TOEIC ...

PDF Book Title: 11_kamijo | Link to file:


4.TOEIC® Washback Effects on Teachers: A Pilot Study at One ...

TOEIC: A discussion and Analysis. ELT Two Cents Cafe. Retrieved May 22,. 2005, from ...

PDF Book Title: Newfields-Washback | Link to file:


5.A Study of the Relationship between TOEIC Scores and Functional ...

Although some extreme cases were deleted from the analysis as described in “ Procedure,” in fact, we still found that a person with 925 on the TOEIC marked 2 ...

PDF Book Title: TaeIto_E | Link to file:


6.The TOEIC in Japan: A scandal made in heaven in Japan: A scandal ...

the success of TOEIC: An analysis from a marketing viewpoint]. Nagano University Bulletin, 32 (2), 32-52. JETRO. (2010). JETRO Profile. ...

PDF Book Title: McCrostie1 | Link to file:


7.TOEIC Technical Manual

characteristics of the TOEIC test and determine its appropriateness for ...... These needs analysis studies identified certain aspects of English usage that ...

PDF Book Title: toeic_tech_man | Link to file:



Analysis of the TOEIC and TIC Results. 44. 5.2.1. The April and July Test Score Results. 44. 5.2.2. TOEIC and TIC Test Score Correlations ...

PDF Book Title: Cunndiss | Link to file:

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