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1.PDF document - 40 Ice Breakers

Training Games, Inc. has assembled this small list of Ice Breakers as a courtesy to our customers. Our hope is that you will also consider one of our Ice ...

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2.Presentation Game 5 Help

C:/Program Files/Training Games/TGI PPT Presentation Game directory. 2. To ...

PDF Book Title: TGIPG5Help | Link to file: Facebook LIKES: 0


3.Training Activities & Games

The Big Book of Humorous Training Games. Uses witty, engaging games to create memorable lessons in numerous basic training topics, ...

PDF Book Title: Training-games | Link to file: Facebook LIKES: 11


4.Simulation games, a learning tool - Training Games

As General Director and the founding member of Training Games S.L.. (www. he is a training consultant and expert in the application of ...

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5.Training Games

100/101/102/103 games suitable for a wide variety of training programs. Every game is ... Kroehnert 102 Extra Training Games. 1. S $34.95 $45.00 ...

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6.Goalkeeper Training Games

Goal Keeper Training Games. Christopher C. Ducar - National Director, SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School. Chris has his clinic session posted on his web site at ...

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7.A Military Field and Training Game Developer Corps - They Got Gameplay

And with experience, training and tools, the development time for temporary “ training games” and situational “battle games” could be made even shorter. ...

PDF Book Title: Prensky%20-%20A%20Field%20Game%20Developer%20Corps | Link to file: Facebook LIKES: 4


8.Scenario Adaptation: An Approach to Customizing Computer-Based ...

4. Adapted Scenarios for Training Games and Simulations. As depicted in Figure 2 , the adapted scenario is executed in a game environment to ...

PDF Book Title: aied-ieg09 | Link to file: Facebook LIKES: 8

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