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9. Static Safety Analysis of UML Action Semantics for Critical ...

system is specified by UML 2.0 Action Semantics expressions. The famous safety criteria of Leveson [OMG03] were first adapted and extended to UML Action ...

PDF Book Title: GI-Proceedings.50-9 | Link to file:


10. UML in Action: A Two-Layered Interpretation for Testing

Action systems are state-based and give UML a weakest- precondition semantics. ..... There exists a UML profile for action systems [26]. This work ...

PDF Book Title: umlfm10 | Link to file:


11. OCL4X: An Action Semantics Language for UML Model Execution

of UML action and operation implementation in a formal way. It replaces ordinary programming by high-level modeling. The basic idea is mapping ASL to OCL as ...

PDF Book Title: 04291069?arnumber=4291069 | Link to file:


12. Learning

In the UML, an action state is shown as a shape with a straight top and bottom and convex arcs on the two sides, and is labeled with the name of an ...

PDF Book Title: activity-diagrams | Link to file:


13. Formal Action Semantics for a UML Action Language

Action Language, which plays a key role as the interface between UML and its ... proaches, integrating them through the formalisation of a UML Action Lan- ...

PDF Book Title: ymp.bspl08 | Link to file:


14. UML Action Semantics for Model Tranformation Systems

The Action Semantics for UML provides a standard and platform independent .... 3 gives and overview of the UML Action Semantics standard. ...

PDF Book Title: pp2003_vp | Link to file:


15. Verifying Action Semantics Specifications in UML Behavioral Models

Action Semantics (AS) were added to the UML specification as the ... UML methods is the use of Action Semantics (AS) to specify the fine-grained ...

PDF Book Title: CAiSE09 | Link to file:


16. Integration of an Action Language Via UML Action Semantics

a small example, but our evaluation shows that the use of UML Action .... An UML Action Semantics model consists of actions connected by data-flow ...

PDF Book Title: j11717381jr67232 | Link to file:

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